Heaven Way Int Church

Vision and Mission of the Church

Vision is Everything

The Church of God exists to:

  1. Worship the Lord
  2. Reach the Lost
  3. Disciple Believers
  4. Equip for Ministry
  5. Celebrate Unity
  6. Fellowship and liberality.
  7. Live Out the Love of Christ

Living out the love of Christ is at the Center of our Urban Vision and Mission. It includes the following:

  1. Demonstrate the tangible love of Christ in our communities
  2. Nurture, heal and strengthen families
  3. Provide for and enable those who need shelter, food and medicine
  4. Care for the “least of these” (children, the poor, the imprisoned, the physically and mentally ill, the oppressed, etc.)
  5. Proclaim and practice prayer for divine healing
  6. Seek justice in local, national and international communities.
  7. Seek to discover and minister to current needs in our churches and communities.
  8. “We believe that Christ's love compels us to be active in our community and to spread that love to those we meet.”

Worship God with us
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